There are Plenty of Killer Resources for the Web Design Industry

With so many options people have for building a website these days, it’s little wonder why web designers are having difficulty competing. However, with the many Killer Resources for the web design industry at virtually every web designers disposal, a true web designer can distinguish themselves over the options of a do it yourself web building approach. In addition, these resource help the average designer create consistent quality web design products that meet deadlines and pleases clients.

Logos and Branding

One resource that can be extremely helpful is TailorBrands. This is an online logo generator which allows a user to input company information. From this information and preferences, the TailorBrands logo generator will produce a few different logos for consideration. With branding being so important for businesses, using this resources can basically kill two birds with one stone as it can help create a logo and help forward the client’s branding efforts as well.

The logos generated can be used as is, or they can be used as a creative springboard so as to modify the generated logos into something that is pleasing to the client. In addition, with a cost of $3 per month, this sort of expenditure is about as cheap as anyone could possibly imagine for a resource that is so helpful and potentially lucrative for a web design business.

Simple Phone App Creation

Another resource is iGenApps. This ingenious application can work as an extension to an existing website by creating a phone app for a website. However, the reason why this application is so beneficial is that a web designer can create a phone app without having to know or do any coding. All a designer has to do is describe what they want in an app, load up a business or individual portfolio into the program and iGenApps does the rest. If a client wants to update the app, updating the app portfolio is all that is needed and iGen will do the new coding on its own.

There are other resources like using Kohezion which is a software application that builds online databases without coding or Visme with allows the building of infographics or presentations that can be helpful in designing and building a website. Simply put, even with all the DIY web building options, there still nothing like having a website designed and built by a web design expert.